The course is done completely online, with weekly emails, a members only area of my website with all of the course content and a private Facebook group where you’ll be able to ask questions, support others in this community on the same journey.

  • In this course you will learn how to:

  • Overcome toxic thoughts in 4 steps

  • Gain control of emotions before they control you

  • Discover your reaction style and develop a healthy, godly way of responding

  • Ask the 3 key questions to stop your thoughts from spiraling out of control

  • Control the conversation in your mind

  • Break free from fear of others and embrace the truth of what God says about you.

What Others Had to Say

I truly feel empowered.

by: Sandra B.

This course was amazing. I first attended the live workshop, then purchased the course. I learned how to dig deep inside myself and figure out what's been bothering me. I identified core beliefs that have kept me from feeling free. I truly feel empowered.

Kris helped me to take control of my thoughts and break my old default patterns.

by: Michelle R.

I thought there was something wrong with me. I felt like a hamster in a wheel, constantly ruminating on thoughts. I knew it wasn't good but I couldn't stop. Kris helped me to take control of my thoughts and break my old default patterns.

About Kris Reece

Kris Reece

As a Minister, Christian Counselor, Coach and Author, Kris has seen first hand the devastating effects that toxic people can have over your life. From the mental anguish to the emotional rollercoaster that difficult relationships create, Kris has been helping people better identify the toxic people in their lives and deal with them in a firm, Christ-like manner. This course will give you the education and inspiration needed to stop people-pleasing and start setting healthy boundaries. You can love like Jesus without being a doormat. It is the mission of Kris Reece to help you find biblical solutions to life’s difficult challenges (and people).